Toward a World Free From Ignorance, Disease & Poverty
Equipping for a Great Life.

Wanjiku and Otieno are Hurting, Afraid & Lonely.

Together, We Can Change Their Lives.

No child chooses of which parents and the place they are to be born. Nor can they determine the political, social and cultural situations which will prevail in the world around them. Yet these conditions conspire to create the world around many children that expose them to very disturbing experiences: extreme levels of ignorance and poverty. Consequently, they miss out on education, have ill health, suffer from multiple behavioral disorders….. With no one to turn to, these marginalized children are hurting, afraid and lonely..Life, to them, is a nightmare and the end to this nightmare is a mirage.

With your help, it does not have to be this way.

At Seed of Empowerment for African Partners, we rescue and restore hope in the lives of hurting and lonely children by providing them with food, shelter, health care, emotional nurturing, spiritual mentorship, education and skills training. Also, we believe that addressing health issues through provision of clean safe water, adequate sanitation and hygiene is a sure way to change their world and turn around their lives. Through our programs: Education for Hope, Clean safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene we are equipping them for a great life in a better world.


  1. Provision of scholarships to children for:
  • Improved access and increased knowledge and skills;
  • Developing proper perspective of looking at life and making accurate interpretations and applying the same to real life situations.
  1. Building strong character
  2. Bringing about enlightenment

CLEAN SAFE WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE: Helping provide clean safe water and improved sanitation and hygienic behavior in order to:-

      1. Reduce deaths caused by water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, cholera…. about 35 people die of these diseases , globally, minute.
      2. Reduce human suffering from intestinal worms as a result of unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene
      3. Reduce girl-child school drop-out due to inadequate sanitation
      4. Help girls save time they spend to fetch water for their families and use the same to study and improve their performance in education
      5. Help women save time spent on fetching water form far distances and use the same to learn and use skills outside their traditional roles and be able to break the cycle of poverty
      6. Increase dignity and safety for women and girls
      7. Reduce opportunistic infections among people living with HIV/AIDS

Together, we can change their lives:

      • Your donation of $ 35 or [KES 3,500]will provide a month’s worth of food, shelter, healthcare and education to a child in need.
      • For only $1.16 or [KES 116] you can provide a day’s worth of full upkeep and education.
      • For any amount of your choice, you can improve the sanitary conditions in a needy child’s environment, improve their dignity and change their lives.

85% of your donation or gift goes direct to providing services given to the child. Only 15% is spent on administration.

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Toward a World Free From Ignorance, Disease & Poverty


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