Hygiene is about the things people do to keep their bodies and immediate surroundings clean with the aim of preventing diseases.

Our surroundings at home and in places of work need to be kept in hygienic conditions , for example, by washing and keeping floor surfaces clean; and washing and using clean utensils for preparing and serving food.

Keeping our bodies clean is also a critical part of hygiene. It includes practices such as bathing daily, wearing clean dry clothes, cleaning teeth and mouth regularly with brush and tooth-paste, washing hands with soap and running water, wearing closed shoes when visiting toilet/latrine,  cleaning and trimming finger nails and toe nails.

Seed of Empowerment for African Partners inculcates hygienic behaviours among the Liyavo Community through their children. These  health enhancing  practices is impacting on the people in such a way that produces a happy people enjoying  greater socio-economic  progress and a great life in a better world.