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Seed of Empowerment for Africa Partners (SEAP), tackles problems of community health through our programs on clean water and sanitation. It includes We plan to organize Medical teams from around the world to come to our project sites in Eastern Africa and provide aid to the local people, but much more will need to be done through collaboration with local organizations to build and operate clinics in those sites. We would like to have at least four medical teams visit per year to serve the people.

Through our missionary staff, we provide public education on issues of community health and sanitation through public forums – such as provided by church and school meetings. Dissemination of basic information about the importance of health and hygiene is done to build people’s capacity to take control of their own health to ensure a healthy community.

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Seed of Empowerment was founded with the main objective of  promoting access to education, mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS, improve access to water and sanitation among marginalized communities

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